We bring you stories of change makers and change enablers who engage in causes with a passion that drives true change. Almost always they have to stand up to challenges and roadblocks that take them two steps back for every step forward. But they never give up. They act individually, as groups, with governments, and with local communities because they believe it needs many partnerships to effect true change that will make the world equitable.

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The philosophy of Bombas Socks is to cover someone’s feet in need, for every order received. For every pair of TOMS shoe purchased, a new pair new is given to a child in need. Leesa the mattress store donates one mattress to a nonprofit for every 10 sold. Bombas has so far donated 43 million pairs of socks and Leesa has donated 37,000 mattresses. Queen Bee cafe in the greater Seattle area is 100% not for profit, that donates all profits to local charities. A visit to Queen Bee café helps a cause.

If you live in the United States, you pay on average $2.70 for a coffee. At one latte per working day, your monthly expense – a modest $54. Annually this rounds up to a not so paltry $650. This translates to educating 26 children for the entire year. A family/friends group (8-10), can educate an entire village of children for a year.

In India, your weekly Café Coffee Day coffee would sum up to Rs.750 and annually you are looking at Rs.36,000 towards coffee. This roughly translates to building 1.5 toilets in a remote village in dire need. A group of 5 can change the lives of 100 men, women and children forever.

Collective giving magnifies the impact quantitively and qualitatively. Write to us if you are a non-profit or know of one willing to partner with us and grow. Also write to us if you are a donor or group of donors looking for the right non-profit to make a lasting impact. 

Be the change you want to see.


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